Genomics Thailand

     Genomics Thailand is a health research project with the objective of compiling and building a large database of the Thai population which will enable researchers to carry out studies on public health. This will make possible more specific diagnoses of genetic disorders and more effective treatments, leading to a better quality of life.

The Thai cabinet approved the genomics project as an action plan to drive genome-level medical activities in Thailand over a period of five years (2020-2024). This project will boost the capacity of Thailand to become an ASEAN leader in five medical areas: cancer, rare genetic diseases, chronic non-contagious diseases, infectious diseases, and in pharmacokinetics. 


     The National Biobank of Thailand has been assigned the task of establishing and managing the human bioinformatics database which will store and process a genetic sample of 50,000 individuals. These data will provide a reference sample of Thai human genetic diversity, and aid research on health and treatment of diseases in the Thai population.





Our services


  • Enrollment system

  • Clinical and phenotype database

  • Sample management system 

  • Fast transfer system

  • WGS data processing and Variant annotation-prioritization

  • Security system for data protection and data security

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